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My Sister,
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Kana: Little Fanfics

Once again, spoilers lurk beyond this point, especially in the story-specific sections. You've been warned.

In general  

'Eyes of the Heart'

'Festival Night'

'Guarded Moments'

'Imouto and Oniisan'
'My Sister, My Strength'

'Needing, Wanting'
'Old Scars'
'Promise Me'
'Return Your Love'
'Shared Lives'
'The Second Farewell'

'First Falls'
'A Bitter Wind'
'Broken Inside'
'Holding On'
'Five Weeks Until Spring'
'Thank You'
'Somewhere, I Sleep Alone'
'Growing Older'
'One Love'

On 'Promise Me'

The relationship between Yumi and Taka is one of the most perplexing things in the game to me. It's something more than a deus ex machina and something less than psychologically convincing.

The entire plot of the game hinges on Yumi pursuing Taka in Grade 5, the ensuing disaster with Taka's 'love letter', and Taka's subsequent about-face in his attitude to Kana. Similarly, the drama as Taka wrestles with his feelings of love and lust for Kana is heightened by his encounters with Yumi when they're both in university.

I can understand and appreciate the need for a 'Yumi' in the plot. However, there's a long period in the middle of the game – between when Taka stops talking to Yumi and when he meets her again after graduation – where any normal person would have given up on Taka. He didn't talk to her for eight years.

The game justifies this by painting Yumi as someone who doesn't give up when she's in the middle of something. She pursues Taka because she thinks he's the one for her. There's something noble about that – especially in the other endings to the game, where she's often a sign of Taka's redemption from grief.

Initially, I had difficulty making any sense of Yumi's actions and her point of view, but long email conversations with other KLS fans finally helped me figure out how I wanted to go about portraying her. Hopefully I did an adequate job. =)

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