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My Sister,
My Strength

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New Blooms
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Blinding White
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Kana: Little Fanfics

Once again, spoilers lurk beyond this point, especially in the story-specific sections. You've been warned.

In general  

'Eyes of the Heart'

'Festival Night'

'Guarded Moments'

'Imouto and Oniisan'
'My Sister, My Strength'

'Needing, Wanting'
'Old Scars'
'Promise Me'
'Return Your Love'
'Shared Lives'
'The Second Farewell'

'First Falls'
'A Bitter Wind'
'Broken Inside'
'Holding On'
'Five Weeks Until Spring'
'Thank You'
'Somewhere, I Sleep Alone'
'Growing Older'
'One Love'

On 'Guarded Moments'

In this story, I think I may have credited Miki with more insight than the game really gives her. There's that scene at the hospital where Yuta asks Kana out, and Miki's all enthused about the idea. However, that can be interpreted as Miki wanting Kana to have a 'normal' social life, while still not interfering with Kana's dependence on Taka. I guess I just shouldn't have brought it up. =)

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